FOOTBALL: Marcus Rashford insist he’s fit for Saturday’s game against Huddersfield

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford is fit to face Huddersfield on Saturday, Jose Mourinho has confirmed. The 19-year-old scored United’s winner in their 1-0 win against Benfica on Wednesday before limping off ten minutes later.

Rashford started ahead of Anthony Martial on the night and Mourinho sounded downbeat about his chances of playing against Huddersfield.

However, Mourinho has confirmed that he will take the same squad that he took to Portugal with him tomorrow, meaning Rashford is fit.

‘Nobody else. Same players. We have the same players as we had for the Benfica match,’ said Mourinho.

‘Everybody knows every manager wants to have all the players available it’s just then a question of the way you position yourself in relation to that, the best way you think is to do it. ‘For some is better to remember the team is not in its full strength, is better to remember play A or b and C or D is still important for the team.

The way we try to do it is always to speak about opportunities for others. ‘Doesn’t mean I don’t miss the players, I would like them to be here for us. And yes in answer to your question, nobody is back from injury but what we have is good.’

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