David Anyanwu – The Elusive Kidnappers

The book “The Elusive Kidnappers” was written by “David Anyanwu” a young and vibrant author.
The book describes the activities of a powerful terrorist organisation that specialized in kidnapping and hostage taking.

Kidnapping is a dreadful practice in any community. The purpose may range from demand for ransom, as it is the case of expatriates and people who delight in ostentatious display of their wealth or their immediate relatives.
Yet, there is another dimension of this evil practice in which no demand for ransom is made; rather the victim is killed for ritual purposes especially for politicians in order to secure electoral victory.

Kidnapping is a flagrant violation of the “Golden Rule” irrespective of the nationality of the victim or the reason stated. It is a crime against humanity and a grievous sin against God. That is why various states have prescribed stiff penalties for its perpetrators. The arrest, execution, trial, conviction and execution/imprisonment of members of this organization is a case study.

David Anyanwu – (author, The Elusive Kidnappers).

David Anyanwu hails from mbaitoli local government area in imo state. He is blessed with literary skills, moral and a scientific outlook in different aspects of life. He is also a business man aside from being an author. He is into online marketing and social media advertisement. His first book “The Elusive kidnappers” was approved by the Rivers State Ministry Of Education” For Exams and references.

Author’s contact :

Twitter: @iamdavidanyanwu

Phone number: 08185811062

Email: 9jauploads@gmail.com

Instagram: @iamDavidAnyanwu

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