Unity Day. #NoBaga

Violence is a weak person’s imitation of strength. It is usually powered by misunderstanding fuelled by negative emotions and people who won’t face it with you till the end.
No one in politics is worth your blood.  Even that politician’s child won’t die for his father. The truth is, he is somewhere being prepared to take over from his father.
Why should you die on their behalf?
Always bear this in mind. Be aware. Violence is always a temporary solution to a permanent problem. The problem will still be fixed, don’t make it in your absence. So before you take that violent action, in the name of a politician, ask yourself if he is fighting with you. Ask where his kids are, and if they are in the battle too, else you are being used.
There is a million and one way to settle difference and crowd mentality of violence isn’t one. You can ask those who have lost their lives, if you can. Step back, for misery and deceit would always need company, reject it! Stay off violence, for one breed another.
The apple never falls too far from a tree. A religion or leader who instigates violence gives a clue of his person or cause. Look around you, the type of thoughts and people you have pushing you to fight, what they fight for and attract gives a clue of where you’d be, a dead end. And I mean literally and in metaphor.
Look at the brighter side of life, there’s only a second chance for the living and you only live once, why end yours now. Maybe it’s time to think through your thoughts and actions.  Before you make up your mind, open it!
Today is Unity Day
Today is the day, we stand up for the souls we lost at Baga
Spare a voice for them too, join in
The No Baga group calls on Fellow Nigerians to join us in one minute silence for the souls of the 28,000 Nigerians that have died from the Boko Haram issues we urge all Nigerians including the President and Governors and all Office holders  to observer Unity day 7.2.15 12noon
You can also join us physically at the Nigerian airways Ground for an inter faith prayer music and faith for Nigeria on the saturday 7.2.15 this promoted by BAGA GROUP (BE A GOOD AFRICAN) please spread the message unity day !


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